•  What’s in a Name?

Chapter Shop’s namesake was inspired by dual philosophies.

First, how we relate to objects. Often times, people consider a tangible treasure to be a part of a certain chapter of their lives, which can be a beautiful sentiment. But we like to consider the opposite when it comes to items made to last centuries. We become a chapter of its life.

Second, we believe it is time for a new Chapter in the jewelry industry. You can read our thoughts on the mining industry here, and how we believe the growth of the antique business is helping lessen the negativity around the subject, all while having a zero carbon foot print.

Each piece of antique jewelry offered at Chapter Shop is named after a great female in history. Beauty, strength, and impact are qualities that both these women and the pieces we sell exemplify. Gone are the days of a male dominated jewelry, we're here to make our mark.

  • Why Antiques?

We specialize in antique and vintage pieces as we believe that the stories that these heirlooms carry rival any type of mass produced, computer generated trinket. In past centuries, jewelry was made to symbolize love, loss, and life, and was an honor to wear. We'd like to get back to those roots.

Bonus: By offering antique jewelry, we help lessen diamond, gem, and precious metal mining, and help preserve natural habitats and communities. Read more about our philosophy here.

Antique jewelry may show some signs of wear. After all, it has been worn…. sometimes for centuries! Certain pieces may show evidence of repair and aging. We sell our collection as is. Of course, we carefully inspect each piece before shipping and you will receive it in tip top shape. We try our very best to describe its condition and provide photos. Please make sure you review the listing before purchasing.

  • What’s my ring size?

We don’t know! But we can help you figure it out. The absolute best way to know your size is to physically try on rings of different sizes. Your local jeweler should have a ring sizer, and if you’re feeling up to it, stop on by and ask nicely. Most of them are happy to do so. You can also order a ring sizer here.

Some of our rings can be resized, and some cannot. All rings that cannot will reflect that information on their product page. We can arrange to have the ring resized before shipping it to you for a $50 fee. This can add up to 2 weeks to the delivery window.

  • How do I take care of my new antique jewelry?

Because some of our pieces can be up to 200 years old, they may require a little extra care. General common sense should be applied, avoid wearing it to the gym, in the pool, while you are spring cleaning, while juggling fire, etc. Antique jewelry can be fragile and should be treated preciously. Use a gentle polishing cloth to give it a shine, and warm water and a very soft toothbrush to scrub it when it feels extra dirty. Some pieces should never be exposed to water though (such as foiled back stones, pearls, turquoise, etc.). Feel free to shoot us an email and we can walk you through the best care routine for a certain piece. Taking it to a professional jeweler is also a safe route to pursue. 

  • Do you do repairs?

Chapter Shop does not do repairs. We would love to help you find someone versed in antiques who can serve you in your quest in your area. Shoot us an email and we will help!

  •  Do you offer certificates of any sort?

In short, no. The GIA and EGL require stones to be unmounted (loose) in order to properly assess them. Because of the age of our antique pieces, we would never suggest removing the stones in order to get them professionally graded.

If you need a letter of authenticity for insurance purposes, we would be more than happy to provide one. We use our extensive knowledge in stones, metals, settings, styles, and hallmarks to date our jewelry to the best of our ability. 

  • Can you help me find my dream piece?

Absolutely! We offer different treasure hunting packages. Check out our concierge page or use our contact page to get in touch.

  • Do you offer any type of other services?

Yes!  We offer research, copy writing, blogging, and social media content for jewelers and retailers. We’ve had years of experiences growing other businesses and would love to chat about a potential partnership. Please email us or use our contact page to get in touch.