There are enough precious stones already in rotation in the world.
Irresponsible diamond and gemstone mining attributes to some of the world’s most exploitative and violent practices. That industry has funded civil wars, promoted abuse of power, depreciated the quality of life of people already living in poverty, increased political corruption, and destroyed thriving ecosystems.
The solution to ending reckless and unaccountable diamond mining, and the devastating environmental and humanitarian effects it has, is an easy one.
By curating and sharing antique jewelry, we are minimizing the consequences of further mining. Our philosophy is simple: use what we have. Antique jewelry already possesses an unparalleled romantic aura full of history. We specialize in antique and vintage pieces as we believe that the stories that these heirlooms carry rival any type of mass produced, computer generated trinket. In past centuries, jewelry was made to symbolize love, loss, and life, and was an honor to wear. We'd like to get back to those roots. And if we can help reduce the non-ethical practices of mining until a permanent and enforced resolution comes along, we promise to keep doing so.