The Anne Pin
The Anne Pin
The Anne Pin

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The Anne Pin

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"I have never yet met a man or woman who denied that taxation without representation is tyranny. I have never yet seen one who was such a traitor to our form of government that he did not believe that the government rests upon the consent of the governed. This is a government of, for, and by the people, and only the law denies that women are people." - Anne Dallas Dudley, activist in the suffragette movement in Tennessee 
  • circa 1900
  • 18k yellow gold pin and lasso
  • 14k white gold horseshoe
  • Rose cut diamonds and rubies
  • Single cultured pearl
  • 2.5" long

This stick pin hails from the Edwardian period, when all things beautiful and carefree were in vogue. Free flowing forms could be found in everyday motifs (such as a simple rope or ribbon) and immortalized in fine jewelry. This was also a time period when horses were much more apart of everyday lives, and horseshoes were a symbol of good luck.

The antique rose cut rubies and diamonds found in this miniature horseshoe capture the light and shadows in an enchanting manner (hard to capture in a photograph, but believe me it is sparkly!). We think this stick pin has the potential to be a beautiful ring or pendant, but we're rooting for people to start wearing stick pins once again!